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Birds Gallery

More than 10,000 species of birds inhabit our earth. They vary tremendously in size and appearance from the tiny Ruby-throated hummingbirds seen on my website, to the world's largest bird - Africa's ostrich. For me, trying to photograph birds is as frustrating as it is rewarding. Birds tend to be happy to hang around until you point a camera at them - then off they go in what always seems to be the wrong direction. 


If you have never spent much time thinking about birds before - or stopped to watch one - I hope that looking at these images will propel you do so in the future. Birds really are brilliant!


To view images of my greatest loves - Ruby-throated hummingbirds please see the hummingbird link in the drop down menu. To learn more about Mr. Zippy - a hummingbird who has captured the hearts of many, please see the page titled Mr. Zippy.

Loon Love
Mummy - i love you!
Mr. Beautiful
American Goldfinch
A petal for you, a petal for me
Gannet Love
Forest Gem
Three is Company
Tree swallow chatter
A Berry for me, Cedar Waxwing
Honely Suckle Love
Keeping Watch
The Fabulous Five
Elegant Diver
Not an Ugly Duckling
A Beak full!
Beautiful Family
Barred Beauty
The Littlest One
A good meal
A Serious Spotted Sandpiper
Osprey Pair
Dainty Dancers, Bermuda
Blue Sky Osprey
Pelican and Big Surf
Yellow-rumped warbler
Strike a Pose
Keeping it Clean
Fancy Feathers
Masked Booby
A tiny stretch
Common tern
Super mum
Swan Sunset
White throat sparrow
Mum and Her Fabulous Five
Stealthy hunter
The Golden One
Fancy Feet
For Love of Longtails
Mr. Zippy taking a rest
Peek a boo
Coming at You
Keeping it Real
Winged Cloud
Little Runners
Hunter in the Mist
Golden wings
The Battle
Snack Time
The Standoff
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