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Landscapes and Flowers Gallery

Our world really is beautiful. Stunning lanscapes such as these are not only incredible places for us to spend time, but they are also home to countless species of plants and wildlife. All of the world's wild and untouched places are worth preserving, not only for the species that depend on them for their survival, but for our health and peace of mind as well.


These images were either taken in Vermont, Maine, Hawaii or England. Please see the dropdown link below Bermuda Galleries for island landscape images.


A selection of these images are available for purchase as Metal Prints. Please see my Purchase Prints page for more information. 

Mauna Kea Sunset
Lighthouse Glow - Maine, USA
Trillium, Vermont, USA
Lighthouse Sunrise - Maine, USA
Lighthouse Reflections - Maine, USA
After the Rain
A River Runs Through It
Kent Pond Reflections, Vermont
Favorite Time of Year
Showy Ladys Slippers, Vermont
Kent Pond Misty Morning, VT
Fall Glow, Vermont, USA
Blue Flag Iris
Nature's Palette, Vermont, USA
Reflections, Dewey's Pond, VT
Sunset Hawaiian Style
Live Laugh Love - Vermont, USA
Showy Ladys Slippers, Vermont
Fall Reflections, Vermont, USA
Showy Ladys Slippers, Vermont
Lovely lupines, Vermont, USA
Spring Lupines
Bright balloons and blue sky
The Golden Hours, Outer Banks, NC
Splash, Grape Bay, Bermuda
Spring Canopy - Vermont, USA
Three Perfect Petals, Vermont
Apple Orchard in Bloom, Vermont
Kent Pond Misty Morn
Azaleas, Virginia
Purple Iris, Vermont, USA
Azalea buds, Virginia
Fall Reflections #2, Vermont, USA
Fall Canopy, Vermont
Colours and Clouds - Vermont, USA
Sunset sufer, Kona, Hawaii
Rydal Water, Cumbria, UK
September skies, Bermuda
Sunset glow, Jews Bay, Bermuda
Silver birches, Vermont, US
Spring birches, Vermont, USA
Rock with a view, Bermuda
Addison County ice, Vermont, USA
Mount Washington view, USA
Spring walk, Vermont
Yorkshire Dales Rainbow, UK
Dogwood, Vermont, USA
Spring beauty Norfolk, UK
Killington, Vermont, USA
Still Waters - Vermont, USA
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