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Mammal Gallery 

Scientists have identified around 5,000 species of mammal, but new species of mammals are being discovered each year. Isn't that incredible to think about? We still do not know how many kinds of mammals we share our earth with. All mammals share these characteristics: they have hair at some point in their lives, are warm blooded, breathe air and typically give birth to live young that they feed milk.


Most of the mammals seen on this page are wild, but not all of them. I was fortunate to work at Yorkshire Wildife Park, UK and had the opportunity to teach children about as well as photograph mammals from Africa, Madagascar, Russia and Australia. The doken and goat, tigers and meerkats were photographed at the wildlife park.



Gorgeous lady!
White tailed deer kisses!
Fox cub
Kidding Around
Sealed with a Kiss
Eastern Chipmunk, Vermont
White tailed deer
Forest Ghost
Fancy me
Lemur Love
Sealed with a Kiss #2
Cheeky chipmunk
Eastern Chipmunk, Vermont
Sealed with a Kiss #3
What a Poser!
Cheeky Chap
Big Splash
Three is Company
Barely hanging on
Mummy love
Keeping it Clean
Cheeky Chipmunk, Vermont
Just chilling!
Photo Bomb
Pure cheek!
The Problem with Litter
Up to No Good
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