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A Few Fabulous Island Faces


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Despite being 560 nautical miles from America's coast, animals managed to reach Bermuda before humans discovered it. They flew, drifted on ocean currents and blew in with hurricanes. After Bermuda was settled, animals were brought here by settlers. However they arrived here, Bermuda's terrestrial wildlife has had to adapt to the extreme conditions associated with island life. High humidity and temperatures, strong seasonal winds and very few bodies of fresh water are just a few of the ongoing challenges that our wildlife faces.


How many species of animals do you think have been recorded on an island just 20.6 miles square? Believe it or not, the answer is around 8330. Of these species, approximately 70 are endemic, meaning they can be found nowhere else on our earth except for this tiny island. Bermuda's most recognized endemic animals are arguably the critically endangered Rock Skink and Cahow (Bermuda petrel).



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