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Frogs and Toads!

We share our planet with around 4,700 species of frogs and toads. Frogs and toads are amphibians and unfortunately, the world's amphibians are in trouble. In the past 20 years, more than 100 species have become extinct, and many more are threatened with extinction. Their plight is mainy due to habitat loss, the introduction of animals that do not belong in their habitats (invasive species), pollution and global warming.

Amphibians are also facing the threat of a deadly disease called chytrid fungus which is killing entire species of frogs. One of the best ways we can help amphibians is to preserve and manage their existing habitats and create new ones. Keeping pesticides and herbicides out of our environments will help them too.


Froggy Reflections
Baby Hopper, Vermont
A Song for the Ladies
Tiny and Terrific
Pickeral frog, Vermont
Froggy Reflections!
Green frog
Terrific Toes
Woodfrog Camouflage, Vermont
Spring Peeper
Good Morning Mr. Toad!
Crazy Camouflage!
Grey Treefrog Cuteness!
The King, Vermont
Spring Peeper
Pickeral Frog, Vermont
Pickeral frog peek a boo, VT
The King
Gray tree frog, Vermont USA
Woodfrog Camouflage
Green frog, Vermont, USA
Spring Peeper, Vermont
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