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Ruby-throated hummingbirds - Garden Jewels

Can there be anything more perfect than a Ruby-throated hummingbird? Measuring less than 9 cm in length and weighing at the most 3 grams, everything about hummingbirds is tiny, but do not be fooled by their size. They move about their lives with absolute determined precision. Those delicate little wings beat on average 50 times a second (but up to 200) and enable them to zip about with extraordinary speed up and down and even backwards as well as hover in front of flowers to collect nectar.


The first time I saw a Ruby-throated hummingbird, zipping amongst our garden in summer 2005, I was immediately in love. The thought of ever managing to photograph one never crossed my mind until spring 2014 during which time I spent pretty much every waking hour trying to photograph them. After weeks of failures, I finally managed to gain their trust and with that capture a selection of images I am proud of.  One particular hummingbird - Mr. Zippy - a little gem who has captured so many hearts, insisted on having his own website page. 

It's Zippy!
Little Lady
Juvenile hummer
Juvenile hummer August 2016
Tiny toes!
It's Zippy Junior!
Salvia Sipping
Little bird, Big flower
Staying Alive
Little Lady
A little Wave Goodbye
Little Bird, Big Flower
Mr.Zippy is Back!
Just Zipping Along
Cute as a Button
Mr. Zippy Keeping Watch
Mr. Zippy and Little Yellow Flower
It's Mrs. Zippy!
Little Lady
Garden Jewel
Garden Angel
Little Angel
Mr. Zippy taking a rest
A tiny stretch
It's nesting time!
Just Humming Along
Tiny Gem
On a Lily Bud
A Jewel amongst Lilies
Long Tongue!
Little Lady
It's a baby Mr. Zippy!
Just so handsome!
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