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Scenes from Bermuda

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It would be difficult to say something about Bermuda that has not been said before. Extensive beaches with sands ranging from pearly white to coral pink; an ocean that shines like glass on one day and hurls violent waves onto our shores on others; narrow roadsides lined with the vibrant colours of oleander and hibiscus flowers, and summer days that seem to stretch on and on, hot, sticky and sweet.


No matter how many times I return to Bermuda after travelling, when I first see my island appearing in the distance from the plane's tiny window - I am always surprised to remember how small Bermuda is, and how the island sits so perfectly amongst an expanse of coral reefs in an ocean as many shades of blue as surely there exists. The clarity of Bermuda's waters never fails to take my breath away. This page includes a selection of images from my island in the sun.

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